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Salt Fog Testing Chambers

The industry leader for Environmental Test Chambers and Metal Finishing Equipment

Environmental Test Chambers

Environmental Test Chambers

Available for static, cyclic, fog, spray, humidity, dry, ambient immersion, and dust type tests. With Singleton you get more STANDARD features for your money.

Metal Finishing Equipment

With industry exclusives like Maxi™ design, Fuse-Fab™ construction, Steel-Core™ reinforcement combined with our "Bulldog Tough" drive-train. Singleton plating equipment is designed to last.

December 2012: Check out the November/December issue of Metal Finishing. The cover features a Singleton SCCH-22 Salt Fog chamber. Also in the same issue you can find an article titled “Accelerated Corrosion Testing” written by Ray Singleton.

Click here to open the dynamic digital edition of the Nov/Dec 2012 issue of Metal Finishing.

Click here to get the “Accelerated Corrosion Testing” article as a separate pdf for print/download.

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